Sunday, November 9, 2008

'cross in Almonte

Yeah yeah I haven't posted for a couple of weeks... I know...

Despite not posting, I HAVE been racing:

October 26 at Mooney's Bay: Fun course with some good mud holes after Saturdays all day rain! Shawn and Keli were out to race for the first time in the Ottawa Series (I think?). Shawn had a stellar race, and came first for Master Men (6th overall), and I was....about the same as always...48th of 68 in the second race. Loooong laps this time at Mooney's (longer than last year even!) meant at least I didn't get lapped!

November 2 at Kanata Recreation Centre: Matty came out to watch as I raced on a very fun course--good use of the toboggan hill, and some fun little mud/snow patches to negotiate. However, overall it was very much a 'grass crit' type of course, which is not ideal for me...Thus, once again, not a super strong race for me...22nd of 25 in Elite Men's...

Today's race was in Almonte, and somehow I convinced Shawn Warner to give the whole 'riding on a golf course' thing a try...He and Sasha came and picked me up, and we picked up McLean on the way as well, so I had a good cheering squad. Shawn raced the first race (as a first-timer, he was in the novice category). Not having a 'cross bike, he rode his dual suspension MTB with the 2" tires...which is obviously less than ideal ;) He was apprehensive from the start, but I think we're now safely at the "I hate you for making me do this and I am never doing it again" stage :) Shawn, I hope you had fun despite the 'boredom' of riding on grass as you put it. As I said though--if you're bored, you're not going fast enough ;) If you're doing it properly, the pain drowns out the boredom!

I raced at 11, and by then it had warmed up a fair bit. Aside from the wind, it was a very nice day. However, the course was quite muddy, with two deep mud pits on the back section of the course, a couple of slick mud trails, and a couple of very greasy off-camber grass sections corners! Since the big names were in Toronto this weekend, the field was a bit smaller and less competitive than usual. I felt very good today, but still didn't finish very high up (not sure just where yet..results to be posted soon...) However, I can feel improvement, and am getting more comfortable on the technical stuff every time. I went down once on an off-camber downhill on the last lap as I tried to bridge up to Trisha. I like to think I would have caught her if I stayed upright, but who knows! However, today was the first race I've lapped someone, and I actually got by another guy on the line with a bike throw (haha!) It sure feels better to be the lap-er than the lap-ey!

Here's one of the best shots from today (actually from a video, so I could grab the best 'action shot' frame)

Oh, and I should mention that Shawn and Keli weren't there this week--Keli raced Half Ironman Worlds in Florida yesterday, and put in a PHENOMENAL showing-5:07! Congrats on a great race Kel! Next week they're doing USGP 'cross in New Jersey on their way home!

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