Saturday, March 7, 2009

...riiiiiiiiiiiight! I have a blog!

OK, so I didn't actually forget that I have a blog.. I just haven't written anything in... forever ;)

Some highlights since my last post from way back in the fall...

- Spring is here (maybe?) - days are getting longer, and the time change is this weekend! Soon we'll have time for 2 hour rides after work :D

- Short after-work road rides have begun. Roads are snow/ice clear, but still very sandy/salty. We need a nice solid hard rain to clear things up!

- I'm officially a UCI Licensed rider for the first time ever (yikes!)

- I'm officially in the shaved legs (actually waxed) club... at least for now. I hear that stuff grows back...

- Shawn did a complete overhaul on the Colnago, and she's ready to roll for another year with new chain, cables, housing, bar tape, and a fully rust-proofed frame!

- Spin classes have been running at the shop all winter, and I'm still teaching 1.5 hour slots on Monday nights at 6 - come on out until regular outdoor riding start!

- Matt, Shawn, Mel and I are all heading to Woodstock on my birthday weekend to do the Paris-Ancaster race. High hopes again this year for another solid early season race! Randy is racing as well, and I'm hoping to convince a few more people to get in on the action (Jesse??)

- My Heart Rate Monitor is dead...I'm debating what to buy as a replacement... A simple HRM? Fancy HRM? GPS/HRM? Powertap? (ha! like I can afford that!) Thoughts appreciated

That's all for now, but I'll try to keep posting more regularly as things happen! If you haven't started riding yet this year.. what are you waiting for?!? Get out there!

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