Monday, June 9, 2008

Week #10: "You're all a bunch of wimps"


A slight hint of 'severe' thunderstorms, and our group of 'hardcore' riders runs for the shelter of the nearest roof. However, the few and the proud (myself, Jenn, Ron and Chris) made it out for a great ride under overcast but dry skies (the few seconds of rain we did have only helped to cool us off a bit.) We rode a nice short loop over my favourite wooden bridge, and Jenn proved how strong she is this year by upping the pace on us as we dodged turtles on the Jasper highway. Thanks guys (and gal) for coming out--I'd hate to drive all the way to the shop and have to ride solo, 'cause I can ride solo from home!

Ron took 2 BSWs, and Jenn took the train tracks on the way into town. Sprinting was not exactly in the cards today!

(Note: The full Rideau Lakes Tour report is coming soon...but I thought I'd actually post a Monday ride report on Monday for a change, just to keep Carolin happy!)

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