Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week #11: One-ride Week :(

Once again the weather must have scared some riders off--however, our 4pm torrential rain stopped, and the night turned into a beauty! Roads were dry, and wind was favourable (a tailwind most of the way out, and very little wind on the way back in). Our group tonight consisted of myself, Yves (yes, Yves made an appearance for the first time this year!), Steve, Carolin, Drew, Wendy, Fraser and Chris. We rode down to Greenbush, across Jellby line, and up 15/41 to loop back into Jasper and up Jasper highway back to the shop. (Check the map) Yves took 3 strong Blue Signs, and I took two and the railway tracks, which again apparently don't count. We timed the run so that we were home just before the sun was too low to safely ride--perfect timing! I think I'll let Yves fill in the poetic ramblings if he wants, and spare you the pain!

Post-ride banter consisted of making fun of Greg for taking so long to lock up the shop, and making fun of Matt for not making it to the ride again. Fries and hot mustard were had by some to make up for Fernando's absence. Brian the Norco rep rode with us (with Greg actually) and joined us for some dinner afterwards--thanks for coming out Brian. Maybe next time you can drop Greg and ride with the fast group ;)

Since I was out camping at the end of last week, and away for work this week it appears that this was my only ride for seven days! Sad eh? However, I should be back next week rested and ready to go :) See you all then!

Note for Wednesday night Perth riders: I'll be gone this week for work, so won't be joining you...however, it sounds like Greg and Jenn may make their way up to Perth, so it should be a great ride!

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