Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week #18: Marg's Guest Post

Here's Marg's take on the Gatineau Ride:

Thank you Darren for suggesting we ride in Gatineau Park! What a great ride we had. The weather was fantastic. The hills were challenging and the scenery was breath taking.
We started out from the Chelsea Visitors Center and climbed to the highest point in the park. There were three lookouts at the top and we just kept climbing from one to the other. The view of the Ottawa Valley was spectacular. Ahhhh but what goes up must come down and weeeeeeeee did! At up to 60km/hr !!!!!!!!
The great thing about riding in the park is there is very little traffic. What cars you do encounter are other park visitors that are expecting to share the road with cyclists. We did see lots of other cyclists. And the roads are in great shape for screaming down hill.
Kris had a good time riding off road. He had some trouble with his lower gears and had to walk up some of the hills because of it.
We will have to do it again. Actually we were thinking of going this Sunday morning. Apparently, the roads in the park are closed to all motor vehicles every Sunday morning during the summer. I'll find out more about it.
Have a great time in New Brunswick Darren.

Thanks Marg--and don't worry, I'll have a great time in NB! Stay tuned for pictures from the Dieppe Velodrome!

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