Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week #18: NB, Gatineau and Smiths Falls (and Vancouver?!?)

Well, this week we decided to do something a bit different since it was a holiday. Gatineau Park was the order of the day. I'll hopefully post a guest entry from someone who was at the ride--I'm on my way to New Brunswick for Shawn and Keli's wedding, so dont' feel like posting :)

There was also a 'regular' Monday night ride from the shop. Here's Greg's email:

The Monday ride went well. Not as scenic as Gatineau park would have been.

There were 7 of us with Jeff Ain from Vancouver joining the ride.

I had 2 uncontested 5th place blue signs!! Yep you read it. I was on.

Of the 7 of us 2 had their Birthday on Monday. Wow. Chris and Tosh.
Same day sort of like Ted and Dave.

Greg out.

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