Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week #6: Rest

Yes, apparently it's rest mode for Darren lately.

My plan was to take a long weekend away from the bike. I did so, spending the weekend paddling around the Kawarthas. I got home Monday afternoon, but decided to skip the ride, partly because of the weather, partly as a result of the canoe trip. However, here it is almost 6pm on Wednesday, and I'm not getting ready to ride now either. It's officially rest mode now! The (wet,cold, windy) weather is telling me it's time to slow down, so I don't get burnt out before summer even starts! Hopefully those who made it out to ride Monday night (or tonight) enjoyed it, and didn't miss me too much! ;)

In the mean time, check out Chris' photos from the Masters Tri here, and remember that the weather provides an excuse to rest. Like Padraig over at B.K.W. (clearly a much better writer than I) says:
"We can do all the miles we want, but everyone knows that getting fast requires recovery. Here’s to the speed that sleep brings."

Cheers to that!

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