Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Week #5:

So Monday night was supposed to be an easy day for me after racing on Saturday. Ya, right!

Ashby showed up, and well.. that's all you need to know.

We had a great group of riders out, and the weather was perfect.

My two blue signs apparently didn't count, as 'other' picked up two wins by taking a shorter route and passing the sign before our group. Since it's a bit of a cop-out, I won't name names of the 'other' *cough* Greg *cough* riders.

A couple of kilometers from Jasper, Ashby took off. I didn't really feel like going with him, but he looked back and said "are you coming?" which is apparently all it takes... We rode into Jasper, then turned and up Jasper Highway back into town, trading pulls and barely dropping below 40 km/hr the entire time. Mostly because we kept picking off groups of riders, and as soon as we passed a group, the next one was on the horizon.. nothing like a rabbit to keep you motivated! By the end, we were both pretty fried, but it sure felt good!

Pub talk consisted of about a hundred conversations going on all at once, since we had a group big enough to fill up the back room at Rob Roy's! Dave had a copy of his velodrome proposal, which I got a very quick look at--impressive!

Note for Wednesday night Perth riders: I unfortunately won't be able to attend, as last minute work duties call. Perhaps more riders will show up when I'm not around? ;) Enjoy the ride without me!

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