Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Week #4:

OK, so I'm officially terrible at updating this thing on time. Ah well!

Monday was a beautiful sunny evening, and we had a great group out for the ride. After some trash talking in the shop with Greg and Ashby (apparently, one of my BSWs didn't count because it was on the highway... ok fine... but Steve's did going up the hill at the tracks.. even if there is no sign!)

Ashby managed to tear my legs off on both sprints I tried to go for--on the first one, I was spun out in my big gear, and apparently he had one "in reserve" still.. Yes, we had a tail wind, and yes, it hurt. However, the first BSW of the night is somewhat debatable, as someone (not naming names) rode off from the shop ahead of the group and was sitting and waiting for us at the Rosedale sign. I'm not sure if that counts or not?!? Survey says....... NO!

We put in ~58kms, and I think all enjoyed the ride!

Post-ride pub banter:

  • Everyone is jealous of Fernando, who spent an afternoon with George Hincapie's wife (who, as we all know is quite attractive). Don't ask how... or why... just go with it.
  • Also, remember to vote for Fernando on "Older Idol".. if he ever sends out the link again..
In other news, the Perth Wednesday night ride tonight was (once again) two riders--this time Don and I. If we can only get all these lone riders out on the same night for a change, we'll have a great group! It drizzled for the entire (very short) ride, but we beat the heavier rain that started seconds after I arrived home. Also, I'm officially registered for the Brockville Road Race for Habitat now.. so.. wish me luck!

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