Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week #17: Rain AGAIN?!?

Yet another rainy ride... but we still had a good group show up. Started off fairly quick and got spread out over the road. Steve had a flat early on, and no one at the front knew... Eventually we heard and stopped in a driveway under a tree where we tried to hide from the rain. It soon started pouring down, and we ended up sitting there for about 20 mins. Eventually we decided to go on, and the rain let up soon after so we only had to contend with road spray. Continued on out Bay Road and were passed by a jacked up 'redneck' truck that had some sort of phony police siren going as they passed us at about 90km/hr. Shortly after as we rounded a corner, we found the same truck upside down in the ditch, and the three guys walking around--they were ok, but probably a bit shook up. Stupid!

Jeff (?) from Brockville took the Lombardy sprint! Heading up Anglican Church road we saw some of Ian's amazing bike handling skills as he narrowly missed some nice fat road kill! I took the Motts Mills sprint--barely--as Steve had a good jump and I was coming from fairly far back in the pack. I did end up getting it by a wheel though!

I was on the front on the way into Toledo, and had no legs to attempt the sprint as Steve, Yves, and Jeff all came around me. Yves ended up taking it! We debated briefly about turning at Toledo, but ended up going straight through. No one contested Frankville (I rode off the front but no one even followed). Steve again decided to go early for Jasper, and I jumped his wheel and just sat there until coming around him at the end. We hammered up Jasper Highway and up the railway tracks with little fight, cruising home for the pub with half an hour or so of daylight left.

Pub banter was mostly about le Tour, and the upcoming Monday night ride in Gatineau. Yes, that's right--next Monday we're heading to the Gats! Let me know if you want more details!

(P.S. Note how I'm not speaking of Saturday's fiasco at all?)

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