Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another week closer...

...to riding outside...despite winter holding on stubbornly.

Although I'm going to miss spin classes (a bit), I definitely won't miss them as much as I miss real riding right now!

Last night I lead another class, and we had a decent group despite having a few no-shows due to illness. However, G.E. talked A.C. into coming out even though he was sick! I think he was lured by the possibility of green beers afterwards! We also had a couple of new faces in the back row, which is always good to see!

After class we went to R.R.'s for a pint or two... but since it was St. Patrick's day, the joint was packed! We managed to find a table, and had some nachos and Guiness (regular-old black, not green.) The only real notable even of the night was A.C. proclaiming that he would win every blue sign sprint this year. Yes, you read that right, and it's now here in writing: On March 17, 2008, A.C. claimed that he
"will win every blue sign sprint this year."
He did however add the reasonable caveat that he had to be present, so we can't be claiming wins on days he doesn't show up. I guess I'm OK with that! We will have to see how his goal progresses over the course of the season--if it holds true, this will be a pretty boring blog, because it will just say "Week 1: A.C. wins; Week 2: A.C. wins; Week 3: A.C. wins, etc., etc."

I went for a spin again tonight, with J.B. leading. Another good turnout! I think I even convinced S.T. to come to my class on Monday...after all, we did have a deal! She also mentioned that she might be riding on the road with us come the summer, which would be excellent! The more the merrier of course!

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