Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Milan-San Remo Edition

The 99th edition of Milan-San Remo was contested on Saturday, with the amazing Fabian Cancellara taking the win for CSC in its last year as the team's sponsor. Fabian took the win with an attack at 2 kms to go, and held off Pozzato by 4 seconds. Fabian rode the 298 km race in 7:14:35. Yes, you read that right. Think about it for a minute...it works out to 41.14 km/hr... for 298 km. Or, way better than I can average in a full-out time-trial effort for 15kms. Pretty amazing, even when you don't consider that it's still early in the season for these guys, and--oh ya-- there are some mountains thrown into that 298km just for good measure.

Our Monday night spin-class group was a total sell-out. Every bike was taken, with 16 riders out for one of my toughest workouts yet. I had planned in some good climbs and lots of short sprints as well, with very little recovery time, so heart rates were high for most of the hour and a half. I think everyone survived, and maybe even had fun--I know I did! Even S.T. came out to see what it's like, and I think I even saw her smile at least once despite the hard work! A couple more new faces (at least to me) filled out the bikes, and of course many of the usuals were in attendance as well. It looks like I'll be leading at least one more Monday class...which is good, except that it means we still aren't riding outside :(

I tried on and placed my order for some team kit... can't wait to see the new jerseys and shorts! Hopefully everyone who's interested gets their orders in to the shop soon! We may not have the kit in time for early outdoor rides, but will have them for most of the season!

As usual, I went back for Tuesday night's class with J.B. leading. Another good group, and a solid climbing workout with no rest breaks...Ouch! I'm really hoping all this work pays off on the road!

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