Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're back...

Well, after Blue Sign Weekly was flagged by the Google-bots as a SPAM blog, and shut down for a while (probably due to G.E. rigging the votes in the poll over there ----> [honestly, no one else would vote for him that many times!]) we're now back!

I lead my second spin class yesterday, and due to the March Break we had a much smaller class. It was still a good workout though! Since the time change was on the weekend, we even had daylight streaming into the shop for most of the ride, which is good and bad. Good because, well.. everyone loves natural light; bad because it makes me want to be riding outside rather than grinding away on a spin bike! Soon enough, I'm sure--once all of the snow melts and the resulting flood clears! I've got the fenders mounted on the 'cross bike for some spring riding action, and really hope to get out one night this week after work. At this point, it might have to be Thursday or Friday before that happens, although they're calling for rain on Friday. We will see!

I went back for a spin today with J.B. leading, and really got a good workout in. M.M. even came out for the first time, and it sounds like he enjoyed it. It's nice to go to J.B.'s class and sit in the back and sweat it out, rather than trying to yell out instructions at the front which requires some breath!

All for now...

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