Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Bar Tape.. now all I need is...

...some decent weather to ride it!

G.E. sold me on blue tape, so here it is! My original plan was to go with black tape, and blue tires (was thinking Conti GP 4000's) but now that I have the blue tape, I'm not sure if I should stick with plain ol' black tires or go all out with the blue. Anyway, I'd say the tape job turned out pretty well for a first time bar wrapper! Ask me how I like it in a few months, 'cause if it's still clean and shiny then, I'm sold!

Once again I lead Monday spin class, and had a good group out. Nothing too crazy this week, mostly because Bobby wasn't there! Went back on Wednesday, with I.B. leading, and went for a nice 'virtual' ride through Gatineau. It really made me want to get out and ride!! I'm up to just over 400 'outside' kms this year, but all of those have been on the 'cross rig, so no 'real' road rides yet!

Looks like the plan for Monday night is to show up at the shop avec bike, and if it's nice, we'll ride outside. If the weather is crappy, we'll hit the spin bikes again! Fingers crossed!

Oh, and the countdown to Paris-Ancaster is now sitting at T-minus 7 days! I'm really not ready!

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