Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Outdoor Riding?!?

Wow.. so I think spring may (?) actually have arrived! I've been riding outdoors 4 times since the last post! Of course, I also made it to the shop for spin class on Monday night. G.E. was away, so J.B. was running the show, and thus actually rode spin class with us for the first time on a Monday night! Also, I.B. was back from Florida (1000 kms later) and looking tanned and fit! We had a couple of new faces yet again (great to see!) and a few of the usual suspects as well. We're taking it week by week now, so may only have one more class to go if the weather remains nice!

I'm debating if I should make Wednesday the 9th the first 'official' ride from the Pool. However, it still gets dark fairly early, so we'd have to ride at 5, and it's not likely too man folks can make it that early. Thoughts?

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