Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Week 1 Recap!

Yes, Week 1! We have officially started the outdoor riding season! Monday night was the first group ride of the year, leaving from the shop at 6:00pm. It was a beautiful night, with the sun shining down, and the temperature at a reasonable 7 degrees (ish). A good group of about 10 showed up ready to ride!

We headed out Rosedale way, with A.C. taking the Blue Sign Win (#1 for the year for A.C.) in Rosedale. His quest for every blue sign win this year was off to a good start! The pace picked up a bit as we moved on towards Kilmarnock, with S.C., A.C. and I off the front. I grabbed A.C.'s wheel, and he lead us up towards the sign. S.C. made certain I knew it was coming, and I pulled out to pass. I road away for the BSW without much of a challenge from A.C., thus breaking his chain of winning every blue sign this year on only the second blue sign if the season. Weak! I sat up, thinking we'd let the group catch us, but apparently that wasn't in the cards. By the time I decided to chase, I was back a good gap--had to bridge up to the two leaders, then hang on while I got my legs back. The pace was cooking pretty good (at least for this time of year!) the rest of the way back to town. S.C. easily won the third and final BSW of the night, giving us each one on the year!

After the ride, most of us headed to R.R.'s for some beverages and eats. The topic of discussion was the possibility of building a velodrome in town, similar to what London did. All agreed, it would be a fantastic idea for the town, and bring some tourist/event dollars to town. Anyone have $1.5 million kicking around they'd be willing to pony up? Or perhaps a 400x200' chunk of land? D.S. would be a great project lead/chief velodrome-er , and his enthusiasm is certainly contagious! Who knows, maybe it'll happen!

Overall, a fantastic start to the year! Perth rides are starting Wednesday (tomorrow) from the pool at 6:00pm. All are welcome, and tomorrow will be a slow ride, 'cause my legs are hurting after Monday and tonight.

BSW Season Totals:

A.C.: 1
D.C.: 1
S.C.: 1

Yup, all tied up at 1 BSW apiece after the first week. So much for A.C. winning every one this year! Now we just need someone with a last name that doesn't start with a 'C'... anybody?

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