Thursday, April 24, 2008

Week #2: Guest Post

I've been slacking ever since Paris to Ancaster (more about that later...) and didn't get around to writing a post for Week #2. Luckily Fred sent out this email, so hopefully he doesn't mind if I post it here...

Good Afternoon Boys and Girls
(to all of us who survived the "short but sweet" ride of epic proportions)
I had forgotten the way these little rides develop into something that has a life of its own. I should have taken heed as we made the turn onto Rideau Ferry Rd when Steve nonchalantly suggested "We have gone slow long enough" and like a fool I got sucked into the "A" train.
We left the shop after a brief reunion of sorts, although I missed the hug portion of the preride (not you Fernando).
It was still great to see so many familiar, friendly faces as well as smiling new ones. Next time I will try to say hi to more of you.
The group, about 20 or so, made its way down Golf Club rd, onto Bay rd and then onto Rideau Ferry rd. Did anyone else hit that big pothole in front of Millers antiques? I hit it square on and only through my superior, brilliant and magnificent bike handling skills(gag) I was able to stay upright. When we hit the downhill I had asked Darren how fast we were going to which he replied "46 kmh" as he took off with the rest of them. I was told later that max was about 53 kmh. Well, for an old duffer like me this just too much and cause I did not reeeaaallly want to embarrass the fast guys by blowing by them(again gag) I held back.
I met up with Jen at Lombardy and we rode the most of the way to Toldeo together. This lady is in awesome shape, while I was gasping for air and my ears pounding , she was talking in a normal tone and hardly out of breath. As we passed the turn off to Jasper and decided to go on to Toldeo, we met Jeff coming the other way at which point we learned that the group was coming back from Toledo. So we turned back and were shortly caught up by them. The fool part of me again spoke in my ear and seductively(my fool has a female voice) told me that, hey no problem this is not that fast. HAH.
After the turn on Kitley #3 and at a little incline I couldn't hang on and I fell off the pack. I was caught by Jenn,Jeff and Frank and we rode the rest of the way together down Jasper highway. We passed Shawn and Sasha and another rider along the way.
As we turned onto Brockville St, Frank and I had a little contest and I must say again through my brilliant bike riding(gag one more time) I was able to ride to the shop first.
So our little ride was about 55 km and the fast guys did over 60km. Not all that shabby for the first ride of the season, well for me anyways.
See you next week and remember
Ride Your Bike

Darren's note: Steve took 3 BSWs, while I took 1. Running total updated at right.

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