Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Week #13: Riding in the Rain

For the past few weeks, Monday nights have been touch-and-go in terms of weather. We've had rain and thunderstorms predicted for probably 4 of the past 5 weeks, but luckily we managed to miss the rain each time. Not so last night! When we left the shop, it was dry and more or less safe looking. We started off with a group that included Matt, who finally managed to make it out for a ride! Our route took us out towards Merrickville/Burritt's Rapids way (see map below) and we remained dry until we hit Burritt's Rapids. I remember feeling a few drops of rain, and thinking it was nothing to worry about. However, about 2 minutes later we were in the middle of a full downpour, and soaked to the bone! However, since it was warm (20 degrees) the rain was not too bad, and we still had a very enjoyable, fast, smooth ride! Matt, Steve, Yves and I ended up riding the longer route shown on the map, and we had a nice smooth constant pace going the whole time! Thanks guys!

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Matt came out to play on his first night, and took three BSWs. However, he decided to share the wealth around a bit, and Yves had two, although only one counts and even that is pushing it (I do recall some agreement that Kilmarnock doesn't count, but we'll give it to him this time!) Steve took an impressive win at Easton's Corners, and I took a couple as well, mostly in 'non-sprint' style (e.g. jump early and see who follows) since I can't often beat Yves and Matt in a true sprint! I learned that sprinting in the rain is a bit different from when it's dry--jumping on a wheel can be a hindrance rather than a benefit, since you get a facefull of spray! Luckily everyone likes grit in their teeth! ;)

Remember to get your picks to me for the Tour de France pool! Only a few more days until the start of the race! Put together your dream team of nine riders and one team, email your picks to me and give me some cash next time you see me! All the details are located here.

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