Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week #15: Murphy's Point or Bust!

Another fantastic Monday night ride. This week, we headed out towards Murphy's Point Provincial Park on a beautiful sunny, warm evening. A great group turned out, with a few new faces for good measure, which is always nice to see! One of the faces was none other than Fraser Smith, out for the first time in a couple of years! Missing tonight was Ashby (again) and Yves.

We set off all together, and rode a fairly easy pace into a fairly stiff headwind until we hit the end of Bay Road. At the turnoff, the wind got worse, and the pace picked up, with Steve on the front for a nice pull. He nailed the Rideau Ferry sprint (I may have been somewhat asleep, but I'll give it to him) and then we continued to hammer. Soon we were down to a group of just a few; myself, Steve, Fraser, Fraser, Ian, Chris and.. seems to me there was someone else as well..? At the turn onto Elm Grove Road, Steve was on the front again and the pace bumped up enough to drop a couple more riders. I got on the front for a pull, and when I looked back, only Steve remained on my wheel. Steve took a pull and we had enough of a gap to try to hold them off until the Park. I noticed that the others were slowly gaining on us, so I picked it up again, despite it hurting a lot! We managed to hold them off to the park sign, with perhaps a 20 second gap (?)

After a brief rest, we regrouped and started back to the shop, this time with a nice tailwind. I was totally fried after my effort, but seemed to recover fairly well. Ian caught on part-way down Elm Grove Road, and we flew back into the shop, ended up with 70kms in 2:11. Along the way, I took the Rideau Ferry sprint and the railway tracks, which (of course) don't count (nor does the Park sign...) which left Steve and I tied at 1 BSW apiece for the day.

Hopefully everone manages to make it out this Wednesday in Perth for another great ride!

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