Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week #16: Let's just keep going faster shall we?

So after last week's very fast ride, we had another even FASTER ride! Total distance came out to 71.9 km, with an avg. speed of 33.9 km/hr.

The nice weather brought out a very large group of riders this week, including a new trio from Brockville. We set off and soon were (much sooner than usual for some reason) breaking into groups. I moved up from near the back almost as soon as we got on Jasper highway in case a split was going to go. It didn't at that point, but you never know!

Even before the end of Bay road, we were down to a select group, which this week included Ashby and Yves. At the first sprint in Lombardy, Fraser Smith took the win. I was in a bad position and got a bit boxed in---when I finally got out, I went 3 wide on the outside, but had no way of catching him!

At the Motts Mills sprint, Ashby was on the front and I didn't get up to speed fast enough to come around him on the inside. I managed to take Toledo, and Yves gave me a super lead-out (after I caught his wheel) on the Jasper sign and I just came around him at the end after he'd pulled for what felt like a kilometer. I took the railway as well, despite some talk of people trying to box me in. However, it's tough to box me in when I'm on the front ;) As per usual rules though, the railway win does not count towards the BSW total (which makes me wonder why they were trying to beat me to it...)

Post ride pub banter involved the 'great debate' over Gravel vs. no Gravel for Fernando's Hideaway ride (which is this Saturday BTW, so talk to Fernando if you are interested). I'm pretty sure 'gravel' won, although Wendy's route sounded like a winner too, and I'm not sure if it had any gravel sections on it or not.

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