Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week #14: Say What?!? How fast?

What a fantastic ride!

Jamie made it out for a ride, and our group managed to put in possibly the longest Monday night ride ever (or in a long time anyway!) of about 85kms. Jamie and I did a 10km warmup as well, so I ended up with 95kms in--not bad for a weeknight after work! Our average was also very high--my computer read 32.8 km/hr including the warmup. Jamie said his was at about 35 until the last few kms into town and back to the shop!

Two Blue Sign Sprints were taken by Jamie (shocking), including the 1 km spring for Greenbush (Steve jumped early, and Jamie followed-not knowing where the sign was. I waited, but couldn't bridge up, and Jamie just coasted across the line). I somehow (!) managed to take two, including Rosedale, which I took by inches as Jamie sat up (he thought I'd given up, but I didn't!). Steve took Jasper, so surprisingly Jamie didn't dominate. However, we had home field advantage, and if he knew some of them were coming we'd be in trouble!

Yves, Steve the minister and Ian rode with us as well to round out a very fast, smooth group. Thanks guys! My comment to Jamie was that he's got cruise control. Every time he's on the front, my computer read 41km/hr. His response was that my computer was reading low ;)

Post ride pub banter was mostly mocking Matt for not coming out... and of course a discussion about Jamie's former yoga instructor lead to the "fun, but not too much fun" conversation once again!

Jamie, Matt and I also rode the Wednesday night Perth ride--a quite short, relatively slow ride since I'm avoiding burn out, and Jamie is tapering for two races this weekend.

On a side note, Jamie ALSO leads our TdF pool, although things will change I think!

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